Soft Skills Development in the School Environment

In this 21st century, global competency skills are being nurtured in educational institutions to prepare students in getting future jobs. Global competency skills are enriched in the school environment with the help of practice and application in real-life situations. Firstly, communication is enhanced through collaboration with other people. Secondly, time-management can be strengthened by utilizing … Continue reading Soft Skills Development in the School Environment

Reflection During the COVID-19

Ontario’s mandated self-isolation has shown me the value of particular aspects of my life. Speaking Filipino has allowed me to share knowledge with those who need it the most. As part of a collaborative online effort to combat misinformation about the virus, I’ve volunteered my time to translate scripts and film informative videos to highlight … Continue reading Reflection During the COVID-19

Mermaid and Sailor

Mermaid: Sailor, my heart achesFor a love that's pastSailor:Oh dear, why let your heart breakFor a man who's past?Move to what's next!And leave what's goneMermaid:But the man's stuck in my heart!I try to make haste...However.....Sailor: However?Mermaid:What's long gone is what we always yearn forWhat's in front of us is what we ignore Until it's nowhere … Continue reading Mermaid and Sailor


Wherever you go, he'll drive youTo the pathless journey, it's a joyStare in his hazel-brown eyesKiss him when the lights turns redAlways by his side-by your sideReply to his good morning textsCherish his loving presenceStay from sunrise til it setsSing to the blues, when he strumsA folk song in the guitarLook into his hazel-brown eyesHarmonize … Continue reading KN


To this day, my heart achesFor its missing pieceMy mind wanders where you areAnd how you've beenThe memories we've sharedAre the ones I cherished the mostFalling asleep into your armsAnd waking up next to youThe songs we danced toOh, how I wishFor the music to never endWe'll dance to the rhythmCan we turn back timeTo … Continue reading Every


A ball of sunshineIs what you areDelight that I'veFound youOn New Year's EveWhen the worldEnters JanusOur souls meetEvery time, I touch youYour warmth turns fireA light that's sparkedShould've been outYour presence Brought life toThe dead flowerYou always doBeyond the clouds,Once I look up To find youWater forms insideMy eyesTo see That you'reGone

Who is the Real Arianne?

March 2, 2020 Dear Ms. Sukdheo, Sino ba ako? This Filipino phrase translates to “Who am I?” in English. As you read through this passage, you will be able to unlock the real Arianne. I hope to paint a better picture of Arianne as an individual. Now, it is time to “Let the journey begin.” … Continue reading Who is the Real Arianne?

Jen and Kianna

Jen: When we started doing streaks, I asked for a sign. Kianna: Streaks are meaningless. I do it with everyone. Jen: But I wasn’t like you. I told myself that if our streaks reach 21, I’d start believing in it. Kianna: You’ve got to be kidding me, J. Jen: Yeah, I would literally waste my … Continue reading Jen and Kianna

Beauty in Diversity

Beauty sprouts from society’s ability  To embrace the power of individuality While utilizing the differences of one another To let society conquer Different shades make up billions of people Each tone boasts its own characters From matte black to pale colours Their unique hex codes call diversity The heights of people vary  No matter how … Continue reading Beauty in Diversity